Doritos iD3

Doritos iD3

Doritos iD3

New levels of Tidyman inventiveness are reached with this example, taken from a packet of Doritos iD3. The concept of iD3 is interesting, with consumers being invited to guess the mystery flavour of the Doritos, with a chance of winning £20,000. The Tidyman symbol used on the packaging is just as intriguing, with a second man peeking out from behind the Green Dot symbol, which often appears on packaging alongside the Tidyman. The Green Dot symbol’s use in the UK is controversial, but here it is used creatively by the packaging designers to provide a point of interest.

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One thought on “Doritos iD3

  1. We believe that every part of a pack design should be carefully considered, couple that we a good sense of humour and a great client and this is the result. Each time we get the chance to work on one of the Pepsico UK brands, the designer of the pack gets to create the tidyman inline with the brand/promotion. Many of them can be seen on this site, dating back to early Walkers in 1996 I think.

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